Back-end Development

Web Development with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails is an open-source, full-stack web application framework that's based on the Ruby programming language. Rails provides a framework to help you build web applications for almost every web-based technology, and is widely considered the most in-demand and highest-paying programming language in the tech world.

Ruby on Rails has a lower barrier to entry than most languages. Since it uses Ruby, an object-oriented programming language with a flexible syntax, it's relatively easy for an inexperienced programmer to get started. Taught by Jason Noble, a leading contributor to the Rails framework and internationally recognized as a top Rails instructor, our Ruby on Rails course can start you on a rewarding career as a back-end developer.


Beginner Course

Night Course
Monday - Wednesday - Friday

Class Starts: 2018

Our Ruby on Rails Course

Our Ruby on Rails Course Back-end web development with Ruby on Rails offers students an all-immersive course of study in the Ruby on Rails framework and associated technologies. The Rails framework gives you the opportunities you need to become better prepared for a career in software development, and lets you increase your familiarity with the tools that industry professionals use to accomplish their daily tasks.

Students will be expected to participate in pair-programming with other students in the class and frequently blog about their experience, as well as present their final projects based on the topics covered throughout the class. There will be online reading assignments and screencasts (as needed) in addition to daily knowledge Q&A sessions.

What You'll Learn

Our class is structured to simulate the professional environment you'd likely experience in your first job as a developer in the tech industry:

  • You'll build a working portfolio and learn programming-specific development skills to help you land an entry-level job as a junior programmer
  • You'll develop and practice the communication and teamwork skills necessary to work in the tech field
  • You'll have the opportunity to participate in instructor-led mock interviews to better articulate your new programming skills in a professional interview setting


Jason Noble | Senior Instructor

Jason Noble is a software development manager and mentor with over 15 years of professional coding experience, including Ruby on Rails, Git, MySQL, Apache, iPhone and other related coding technologies. In addition to being a leading contributor to the Ruby on Rails framework, Jason also works as a software developer and manager with a Denver area energy company.

Considered one of the foremost instructors in the Rails framework at the international level, Jason enjoys teaching students the skills they need to become full-time software developers, and has been teaching and mentoring junior developers for over a decade.

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