What's a MicroDegree™?


A MicroDegree™ is the first digital credentialing process available for coding boot camps, massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other competency-based programs, sometimes called micro colleges. Because you can earn a MicroDegree™ by combining courses across different institutions, you have the freedom to blend a variety of MicroCredits into a program that's perfectly tailored to your professional and educational goals.

A MicroDegree™ recognizes that the holder has completed at least 1000 MicroCredits at a post-secondary level. Attending a micro college can be an efficient, cost-effective way to earn credentials that can facilitate a career change or promotion, or a MicroDegree™ can simply reflect your proficiency at a particular skill.  

Our Coding Micro College

We estimate that learning to code takes an average of 1000 hours. DaVinci Coders offers immersive, boot camp-style coding courses that cover 500 to 1000 training hours in programming and coding.

Our coding micro college can help you quickly build programming skills that are in extremely high demand, opening doors to entry-level jobs much faster (and at a much lower cost) than traditional 2-year tech schools or 4-year colleges.

To place the MicroDegree™ requirements in context, a typical 12-week coding boot camp will include 450 to 500 contact hours. Completing a MicroDegree™ credential requires roughly the same time commitment as a full year of undergraduate upper level courses.

Requirements for a MicroDegree™ from DaVinci Coders

Students who enroll in our MicroDegree™-accredited program must spend a total of 1000 hours in instructor-led training through our web development courses and complete each course. Alternatively, you can combine 500 classroom hours with 500 hours spent working in the web development industry. Each of our coding courses counts for 500 MicroCredit hours.

DaVinci Coders MicroDegree™ holders receive:

  • A MicroDegree™ Digital Diploma (PDF)
  • A digital transcript documenting your educational programs and credits
  • A digital MicroDegree™ badge for use on LinkedIn and websites
  • Inclusion in the MicroDegree™ online verification database

Contact us online to learn more about the micro college learning environment, or apply for enrollment today.

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