All DaVinci Coders instructors are full-time senior-level developers. Together, they represent a combined 65+ years of experience working in the field with the programming languages they specialize in. More than simply teaching you how to code, our instructors share their real-world workplace experiences and insights so you'll have all the tools you need to be successful in the tech industry.


Jason Noble

Jason Noble is a software development manager and mentor with over 15 years of professional coding experience, including Ruby on Rails, Git, MySQL, Apache, iPhone and other related coding technologies. In addition to being a leading contributor to the Ruby on Rails framework, Jason also works as a software developer and manager with a Denver area energy company.

Considered one of the foremost instructors in the Rails framework at the international level, Jason enjoys teaching students the skills they need to become full-time software developers, and has been teaching and mentoring junior developers for over a decade.


Julien Lynge

Julien Lynge is a game developer, programmer and the founder of his own indie studio, Grey Hour Games. Julien is a well-known name in the gaming industry with dynamic skills as both a developer and an instructor. He started his career as a mechanical engineer and progressed into software engineering. He discovered his passion for game development while building simulations for STEM education outreach programs.

Today, Julien continues his career as a game developer, and has also branched out into teaching equally passionate developers how to program and design games. He also remains committed to outreach efforts among younger STEM students who are interested in game development. Julien was awarded the CIRES Outstanding Performance Award for his work on a visualization and analysis platform for big environmental data. In his free time, you can find Julien dancing, traveling, playing music and enjoying the great Colorado outdoors.


Alvin Mites

Alvin published his first website in 1998. Since then, he's worn a variety of hats, including developer, manager and executive, having co-founded multiple companies. When not hacking away on a computer, he's raising his 2 daughters, rock climbing, mountain biking, and generally indulging in his strong penchant for the outdoors. 

Check out his GitHub page.


Mike Whitfield

Mike Whitfield is an open-source advocate and a digital native. His list of clients over the years includes Amazon, Cisco and Google.

Mike started as a Perl developer, using his skills to develop a catalog system for his high school library. In college, he programmed 3D games using Half-Life 2’s game engine and Unreal Engine 2/3. Mike transitioned to the web with WordPress in 2010, using PHP to drive results. By 2012, Mike recognized the web’s shifting interest to JavaScript. Convinced that JavaScript represented a seismic shift in development, Mike began cataloging the change.

In his spare time, Mike advances his software to download the internet. His objective is to preserve a copy of the internet and make it accessible for others to do so.

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