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PRESS RELEASE: DaVinci Coders Becomes First in the Nation to Grant MicroDegrees™

Colorado Coding Bootcamp, DaVinci Coders, is now set to offer an alternative credential, a Microdegree®, for its computer development and programming training courses

Louisville, Colorado – (April 9, 2015) – DaVinci Coders, a Louisville, Colorado-based coding school, is the first in the nation to be given Microdegree-granting authority for its 11-13 week courses on Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Swift/iOS, and Game Development.

Working as a launch-partner with Atlanta based Edevate, the Microdegree® is a digital credential certifying that someone has completed 1,000-hours of learning in a professional discipline including a minimum of 500 contact hours in certified educational programs. Completing a Microdegree® will be the academic equivalent of a full-year of undergraduate upper-level courses.

According to Gordon Rogers, President and Cofounder of Edevate, “Our goal is to reinvent credentialing. This is similar to the introduction of iTunes, which offered consumers the option to purchase a single track instead of the entire album.”

Expanding the notion of credentialing, Edevate plans to offer Microdegrees to students completing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), coding schools, and other competency-based programs. The Microdegree™ is similar to Udacity’s Nanodegree, but it is institutionally agnostic, meaning that it can be earned by combining programs offered through many different institutions, with the freedom to stack and blend different types of educational experiences.

Students who are granted a Microdegree™ will receive a secure PDF diploma and a digital badge linked to a transcript describing the educational experience.

Microdegree candidates can elect to complete an Educational Testing Services' Major Field Test. Major Field Tests are comprehensive undergraduate and MBA outcome assessments that measure critical knowledge and understanding in a major field of study including the ability to analyze and solve problems, understand relationships and interpret material from the major field of study.

“We feel very honored to be part of the effort to break the mold of traditional credentialing,” says Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute. “Many of life’s greatest experiences have been undervalued because of our narrow perspective of how to authenticate the value of learning. Over the coming years, we’ll see a huge need to re-skill our workforce, and Microdegrees™ have the potential to become the most recognizable credential in the world.”

For more information about the Microdegree program, people can either go to the website, Edevate LLC -, or contact Gareth N. Genner, CEO of Edevate - Cell: 404-791-5973, Email:

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