PRESS RELEASE: DaVinci Coders is Offering Pro Level Training in Apple's New iOS Language

Louisville, Colorado – (April 20, 2015) – DaVinci Coders, a Louisville, Colorado-based coding bootcamp has become one of the first in the nation to offer a pro-level, instructor-led training course in Swift iOS development, with the first course starting June 2nd.  Ever since Apple announced it had developed its own programming language, the mobile development industry has been anxious to learn more about Swift. Through DaVinci Coders, now they can.

According to A. Brooks Hollar, DaVinci’s lead instructor, “When Apple creates the coding language of the future, businesses need to pay close attention.”

The Swift programming language is poised to supplant Objective-C, but it will need to develop experienced working groups, established coding libraries before it gains the level of popularity most are expecting. For this reason, DaVinci Coders is focusing their initial training on pro-level courses for seasoned veterans with little or no experience in iOS development.

With the programming world being a very fluid environment, developers must constantly learn new languages to keep their skills current. However, the number of frameworks with Apple is extensive and having an experienced developer guiding students through the process is invaluable in both time and cost that tech companies would save in training their staff.

To fit with the schedule of working professionals, the Swift course will be framed around 3-hour classes, 3-days a week for two-weeks, and the learning will be intense and immersive. As a project-oriented course, attendees will learn a variety of new skills such as how to publish with the App Store and how to integrate Apple Pay.

Having been through this type of training many times in the past, Brooks is quick to add, “It’s far more costly to learn on your own than it is if you have an experienced developer of 10+ years guiding you through the process.”

DaVinci Coder’s first Swift iOS course will start June 2nd, 2014.  The cost is $2,900. All courses are held in a classroom environment, located in Louisville, Colorado, 10-minutes outside of Boulder, Colorado. Students will be tech professionals from throughout the Front Range: Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Arvada, Lakewood, Westminster, Golden, Longmont, Broomfield, and Loveland.

For more information about DaVinci Coders, people can either go to the website –, or call Jan at 303-666-4133. 

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