Interested in Web Design & Front End Coding? Here's Some More Info About Our Next JavaScript Course

How easy is it to learn JavaScript? “Very easy,” says Caron Newman, Senior JavaScript instructor for DaVinci Coders. “JavaScript is a baseline coding language for learning other in demand coding languages, and with JavaScript it allows you to immediately see the design side of your work.”

The primary mission of DaVinci Coders is to help underemployed and unemployed people enter the coding profession. According to Executive Director, Thomas Frey, “Demand for new talent in this field is overwhelming in Colorado. With JavaScript being in the top 10 most in-demand programming languages and the easiest for beginners to learn, it’s an excellent entry point for beginners.”

In addition to learning the language, students will also develop and practice teamwork and the communications skills necessary to work effectively in the web design industry.

Like other courses at the DaVinci Coders bootcamp, JavaScript is framed around an accelerated 11-week program, priced at $6,000. Students applying for DaVinci Coders may also be eligible for the Colorado WIA Workforce Program for unemployed and under-employed workers.

Classes are set to begin April 13th, 2015 with classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night. With small class sizes and a bevy of applications already coming in, prospective students are being asked to apply early. All classes take place at the DaVinci Institute in Louisville, Colorado. Most students are from Denver, Lafayette, Boulder, Longmont, Fort Collins, Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton, Arvada, Aurora, and Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas. Students can either apply online –, or contact Program Director, Jessica Morgan at 303-666-4133.

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