Week Three Confessions from our T-3 Ruby on Rails Posse

Follow along with our T-3 Ruby on Rails training students as they document their development in our Colorado Ruby on Rails coding bootcamp. This blog series will give you a good idea of what it's like to go through one of our learn to code bootcamps. You will notice that the curriculum and pace of this course is challenging, but our students are not alone in the process. They have plenty of assistance from the lead instructor, TA's and mentors. All of which can relate to their situation.  Most of the mentors have been in their shoes.

PLEASE NOTE: This post is backdated to week three (October 6th, 2015)

This was a big week for the Ruby on Rails training class because we finally moved our focus from command line and git to Ruby! While it's exciting to start our journey with Ruby, these initial lessons are really about continuing to build our knowledge of the Command Line, Git, and Pivotal Tracker. We are now working on branching, rebasing, detailed commit messages and merging our work with our master branch, along with some Ruby syntax mixed in. We added Rubocop to notify us in real time of “offensive code” and just added Travis Cl to run cucumber and other testing tools on our code each time we check it in. The information has been coming at us fast, but we’re up for the challenge.

This week also brought many of us together with our mentors. From one-on-one sessions to group meetings, everyone has benefitted from the knowledge and experience our mentors bring to our coding school. Most importantly, these mentors were once in our shoes as students in this very class.  Hearing their experiences and struggles makes us all feel better about where we are in this learning process.

Many of us enjoyed some extracurricular activities this week by attending some of the lectures and events around Denver Startup Week. Whether it was a social happy hour to rub elbows with those in the industry or hearing thought leaders share their wisdom, many of us have taken advantage of this exciting event. Even our gallant leader, our instructor, Jason Noble, shared his experience on a panel about (what else!) coding bootcamps in Denver and elsewhere.

A big shoutout to . . .

From Sue Yetake: “ . . . to Andrew Lampert, Wendy Brannon, and Tim Park for Monday’s mac setup and navigation assistances. The lessons sank in and really made a difference in my work.”
From Ryan: “. . . to Zach and Tim for sharing their knowledge and helping me keep up!!”
From Lucas: “. . . to Peter Ko (PKO) for helping figure out my .vimrc so I can use beats in real time!”
From Tim: “. . . to Piper Niehaus and Andy Lampert for meeting with the Boole Posse and helping us get more comfortable with using Git!”
From Andy: “. . . to Jason Noble for being awesome as hell.”
From Nyla: “. . . to John Williams and Aaron Glasenapp for meeting with our posse and sharing their wisdom, and for a priceless screenhero session! And to Zach Alewel for his ongoing help!”


The von Drais Posse:  Ryan Nance, Richard Beasley, Zach Alewel, Nyla Logsden-Sackett

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