Start Planning Now For Our Game Development Courses


You might think it’s too early to start thinking about our game development courses that start up in 10 months. But some people aren’t as spontaneous as others, even if coding classes in Denver will catapult a career. Some of you will have to find money for our coding class, and 10 months should be just about the right about of time to do so. Others might be currently taking a coding bootcamp with us and want to get some time working in the industry before returning for another class.

But why choose game development? Here are a few of the many reasons that people choose to work in video games...and why it’s such a good idea to do so!

Maybe You Love The Industry

Many of the people in the game industry are there because they love video games. And with a coding bootcamp, that could be you! Just remember, writing code for games doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to play video games all day long, but if you love gaming and how games are made, it beats writing code for a health care website login page!

Of course, when you’re working on video games, you’re also going to be working with others who like video games. You’ll be surrounded by others who also want to play Half-life 3 when it comes out. (We’re just joking...Half-Life 3 is never coming out!)

It’s A Growing Industry

Did you know that the video game industry makes more than the movie industry in the United States? You wouldn’t know it, considering the average American could name 30 or more movie stars but couldn’t tell you the name of a single person in the gaming industry.

But just because they don’t know the video game stars doesn’t mean that they aren’t playing the games and spending hours every week on them. Approximately half the country — that’s 155 million people in America — play for at least three hours every week. And while some of them will stick with a single game, others get tired of the latest Farmville and are seeking a similar-yet-different experience, and that means someone has to create it. More and more people who have been to coding school are needed every year.

The Platforms Are Growing

Back in the mid-1970s, your choices in video game systems were all console-based. Personal computers entered the home in the early 1980s, and those were the two ways of playing that existed outside of the arcade and bowling alleys.

Today, the industry is everywhere. Consoles are still incredibly popular, and hardcore gamers are always going to want a desktop-based game to play. Sure, arcades are a little overloaded on skee ball and the like, but the loss of the old arcade has been replaced with games on mobile devices, meaning that everyone and their mother (literally) are playing some sort of game built by people who have been to programming school. And speaking of everyone and their mother…

It’s Culturally Acceptable

During the 1980s, a 30-year-old playing video games was just sad. Didn’t they have anything better to do? Why are they wasting their time with games?

Today, no one thinks twice about someone pulling out a handheld device and playing a few rounds of Plants Vs. Zombies. Today’s 30-year-olds can make a living playing in Halo or StarCraft II tournaments. Any prejudices against those who game or are in the gaming industry are going away, and that means more and more people craving the next new game.

When you get a job in the video game industry after taking one of our coding bootcamps, people who once weren’t interested will now have questions to ask...because they’re playing games themselves and want to know if they’d be interested.

It’s Worldwide

One of the most promising aspects of code is that it can be a universal language. The most common programming languages (but not all) all use English words in the code, even if they are being used in a country that doesn’t speak English. Not only will you be able to code for video games used in America, but you’ll also be able to work for companies worldwide...including those providing video games to 300 million Chinese citizens.

The industry is growing, and now is an incredible time to be in the middle of it. Of course, our coding bootcamp course for game development can help you get there faster than any other in the Denver area. Click on that link and find out more!



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