Is Learning To Code Python Going to Be Easy?

Okay, quick spoiler alert: no. The answer to the question in the blog title is “no,” learning to code Python is probably not going to be easy. You’re going to be “drinking from the firehose,” as course instructor Alvin Mites puts it in this video. While Python is certainly one of the easiest high-level coding languages to learn, the speed at which we move is going to challenge you.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone will have the exact same learning curve. So while there isn’t much chance that learning to code in Python is going to be easy, there are some things that will make the classes more understandable. Let’s take a look at some advantages that can be found in some of our students.

You Know Other Coding Languages

Common roots and similar syntax can go a long way to helping someone learn spoken language. It’s easier for someone who speaks Spanish to learn another romantic language such as French than it is to learn something completely different like Mandarin.

When it comes to computer languages, if you already know other languages it’s more likely you’ll be able to pick up Python faster. Python can be compared to languages such as JavaScript, Perl, Tcl, or Java. Some people even suggest that knowing C++ can help learn Python. Knowing other languages, especially those that are object-based, go a long way to helping you think through how a language is set up and the way it works.

You’re Brain Is Made For Code

There are some people who could pick up a coding book, read it once, and know how to code Python. There are others you could teach for a five years  and they’d still have trouble coding the most basic of apps. It’s unlikely we’ll see either of these people in class! (Still, at the same time, a we bet our years of teaching [and wisdom] could teach the savant a few tricks!)

But the students we teach in our coding bootcamps have an interest in code because their brains are built for it. If that’s you, you’ll certainly have an advantage over someone who just picked a career because they heard it paid so well.


You’ve Tried Before

Many prospective coders who had a touch of code in high school will head to Barnes & Noble and pick up a $60 tutorial on how to code Python. They’ll read through it, try out some code, and get maybe a quarter of the way through before things get so hard that they give up. Many people can only get so far before they need the help of a live instructor to help get them through the tough parts.

But what you know is important! Even if you know just a little Python you’re going have an advantage during the first few weeks. Use that advantage to solidify your knowledge and use it as a jumping off point for future coding classes.

You Work Hard

Natural intelligence can only get you so far. It’s true that many of the names you know in the tech industry are geniuses, but most of them also worked 16 hour days seven days a week. Working your butt off is how you get ahead in the coding world.

And work your butt off you will. Not only will you be in coding classes three nights a week, but you’ll also be working another 30 or 40 hours a week in homework, practice coding, and class review.

Will it be easy? No. But will it be worth it? Absolute. Add to that our instructors who are truly interested in helping each person do their best and we’re sure you can do it. Find out more about our Python classes today!



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