Should You Learn To Code Python As Your First Programing Language?

We’ve had some people ask if learning to code Python is a good idea. Most certainly yes! But we’ve also been asked if it’s best to learn Python as your first programming language. After all, we’ve even said in blogs that Python is often learned as a second language.

So, if it’s often learned as a second language, are there any compelling reasons that someone would learn it as a first language? Should you join us for our Python coding bootcamp (starting February 21) even if you’ve never been to coding school? Actually, yes. Here are a few reasons that it’s perfectly fine to learn to code Python as your first computer language.

It’s Not as Complex as Many Other Languages

Python is one of the simplest languages to write and interpret. Because it uses white space and common expressions effectively, even someone with little experience with code can easily see that there is method to the madness. Not only that, but Python tends to use less code than other commonly-used programming languages such as Java and C++. Because of that...

You’re In Good Company

Python has been adopted by many coding schools as their introductory coding language in coding classes. Beginning students love it because of its simplicity/power ratio. All of this to say that, when you have problems figuring something out, even coders who aren’t in your coding bootcamp might be able to help you out.

It’s Been Around, and It Will Be Around

Last year, Python celebrated its 25th anniversary. While it predates what most of the world thinks of as the internet, it’s still used every day for both new applications and to shore up existing websites. Take DJango, for instance, a web application written in Python. If you question how powerful Python is, simply remember that Instagram and Pinterest were both built on it.

It Gets You To Other Types of Python

Just because you go to coding school and master one language doesn’t mean you have to stop there. Ruby begat Ruby on Rails, Java begat JavaScript, and learning Python can give you a great jumping off point for it progeny: CPython, PyPy, Stackless Python, Micropython, and many others.

It’s An Object-Oriented Language

A Python coding bootcamp is an excellent introduction objected oriented language. If you can learn Python, it becomes easier to learn more complex and powerful languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, and C++, and Perl.

You’re In Demand

While there’s a demand for programmers of every language, Python has the best “easy-to-learn/big-dollar-salaries” ratio!

Some people will tell you that Python is a great add-on language on your resume, and that can certainly be true. But considering the demand for it — and the financial benefits it can bring with just a 20-week at-night coding bootcamp — it’s pretty obvious that learning to code Python can be more than just a great first step. In fact, it can become a career. If you’re ready for the fastest, most efficient coding classes in the Denver area, check out our Python bootcamp right here. Classes start February 21, 2017!


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