Why Our Coding Classes Move So Fast

Take a look at our coding bootcamp schedules.Here’s the one for our Web Development with Python, which meets three nights a week and on Saturday over lunch. It takes 20 weeks. Then there’s Web Development with JavaScript, which is also twenty weeks and meets Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Our back end development with Ruby on Rails has one distinct difference: it’s our long course, and it’s only 21-weeks long!

So it’s pretty obvious that things move fast around here. You might ask yourself why. Why spend less than half a year to teach a coding language that some colleges take years to teach? Let’s take a look at the philosophy behind our pedagogy.

It Mimics the Real World

As we’ve mentioned many times before, our teachers aren’t just good instructors. While they’re certainly good at what they do in the classroom, their experience in the real world of coding for business has helped them create an environment that’s much like the real coding world.

To put it simply, the coding world is often as fast as our classes. Businesses want products out, banks want their websites secure, and apps need to be written to beat other apps to market. If you can learn to code in one of our coding bootcamps, then you’ll already have some idea of what it’s like to have a coding job.

We Trim the Fat

So you might wonder why a computer science degree at some colleges takes so long. To tell the truth, there’s “fat” at every level that just isn’t an aspect of our coding school. First of all, you don’t have to take filler classes like English, history, philosophy, psychology, or molecular science. You also don’t have to write term papers for any of those classes. And there aren’t the “mandatory fun” things associated with most colleges. If you need that in your life, no problem. But you’re paying for a lot stuff that will most certainly leave you in debt.

When it comes to the coding classes themselves, we toss out the parts that typically weed out those who aren’t actually interested in a coding career. That’s why we teach less theory and focus on the actually coding. After all, theory is where many computer science majors decide that it’s not for them and then become...oh, something like business majors. But if you’re ready to jump right into our coding bootcamps, you’ve already self-selected as someone who’s truly interested in learning to code.

We Know You Can Do It

So you might wonder, where did the idea of a 20-week course come from? Is it arbitrary, or is there something behind it? Well, it turns out that the schedule we’ve created is just the right amount of time — the minimum amount of time — that someone who really wants to learn to code needs to learn and absorb the information. We know it works because we’ve helped many students learn the languages needed in just that amount of time. Yes, it pushes them, but what’s so wrong with that? It’s better to get you that first job so that you can learn on the job than to keep you around too long and start repeating ourselves. And speaking of getting a job...

It Gets You Out In the Coding World Sooner

Okay, let’s imagine that you went to a university in 2011 and stuck around for a master’s degree. That means that you haven’t graduated yet. During that time, companies worth billions have been formed, and you weren’t working for them because you were still in college. Companies like DraftKings, Vox, Jet, Honest Company, Blue Apron, Instacart, Lyft, and SnapChat have all come along and you weren’t working for any of them.

Now think about someone who learned to code at a coding bootcamp six years ago. They could have been in on the ground floor of all of those startups, while the guy who hasn’t graduated yet has let all of them pass him by. When you partner with DaVinci coders, you’ll be out in the world, actually working, so much sooner than anyone else.

Should you be nervous about how quickly you’ll have to learn? Good question. Are you determined to get the skills necessary for a better job? Are you willing to put some of your social life on hold for a little while to get that high-paying job you’re interested in? If so, then there’s nothing to worry about. We’re here to instruct you and give you the tools you’ll need to get everything done.

The fact is, we don’t mess around here at DaVinci Coders. That’s not to say that we don’t have fun and make friendship during the coding classes. But everyone who shows up has a similar mindset: let’s learn to code. Luckily, that’s what we’re good at. Find the perfect course that’s right for you and apply today!



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