Some More Feedback From Those Who Have Taken Our Coding Bootcamps

Many of our blogs are about the coding classes you can take at our Westminster facility. Others are about the industry and what you can look forward to once you learn to code. But every so often we like to take a look at what the students at our programming schools are saying about the experiences they’ve had with the DaVinci Institute. Let’s start with Wayne.

“Way more efficient than traditional schools.”

— Wayne B.   

That review about efficiency was certainly efficient itself!

We’re glad you found our coding classes to be worth your time and money, Wayne. The fact that you’re bringing up our efficiency means that you’re already familiar with the inefficiency of traditional coding schools and universities. That means either a) you experienced the slow pace of other schools first hand, or b) you’ve heard about the inefficiency of other schools from you friends and have realized that you’re going to be out in the workforce eight times faster than they are!

We pride ourselves on our efficiency. We’ve trimmed much of the theory that isn’t useful in the real-world and get to the meat of learning to code as quickly as possible. We’ve also hired the best teachers around, those who have experience working with these languages for real businesses. They know what the environment is like so that you’re accustomed to the working of a typical coders environment.

“The hands-on environment made a huge difference. I learned more about programming in 11-weeks at DaVinci than I did in an entire year at home.”

— Hsin T.   

Here’s another person talking about our efficiency, so we must be doing something right. Once again, we have to compare ourselves to a traditional coding school. At a university, you’d be doing a lot of reading. At our coding bootcamps, you’ll be doing a lot of doing. It’s hands on, both while you’re in our coding class and at home, because you’re going to be encouraged to work with the code as much as possible.

Of course, you said you learned more from us than in a year at home. While there are those out there who can pick up a coding book, read it through, and get to work, most of us simply aren’t like that. The ability to work on the code, talk to teachers, and ask your fellow students is the learning method that suits most people out there who are interested in learning to code.

“This 11-week video game development course was the equivalent of a two-year degree in what was taught and what I learned.”

— Edward B.

So it sounds like people think we’re efficient. Glad to hear it!

The thing about video game development is that it’s changing so quickly. After all, before smartphone and tablets, the entire video game industry was different. (We haven’t even reached the 10th anniversary of the smartphone, BTW.) While you’ll be learning traditional programming languages like C# and Java, you’ll be taught the most efficient way of using the code to create games a quickly as possible. After all, time-to-market is incredibly important in the video game industry.

“It's great to get started with others who can help get better connected in the industry.”

— Ryan S.   

You bring up an interesting point, one that we don’t often address. Yes, it’s a very good idea to get to know your teachers. In fact, it’s a great idea to do whatever you can to impress your teachers, because they are connected. Now that doesn’t mean that just because you take one of our classes that you’re going to get a job through us. But we do have our fingers on the pulse of the industry, and if we think you’d be a good candidate for a particular job we might be able to help you. No promises, but we always have our eye on the best students in our coding bootcamps.

But even more important are the relationships you’ll make with your fellow students. First of all, working with them so many hours a week means that you’ll quickly learn who you want to work with. And if you make fast friends, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to help each other out in your careers, climbing the ladder together and pulling each other along.

Of course, you don’t have to work for other companies. DaVinci Coders and our co-working space, DaVinci Institute, bring people together and start businesses all the time. If you meet a like-minded coder in our coding classes and you both have ideas of changing the world, we’ll be proud to say “we knew them when…”

DaVinci Coders is not-for-profit, and the efficiency with which we work is an obvious nod to that idea. After all, we’re not interested in keeping you here for years so that we can nickel-and-dime you on food plans. We’re here to give you the best education possible in a short amount of time, Check out our coding classes here!


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