Why We Say No To Some People Who Apply For Coding Classes

Here at the DaVinci Institute, we actually have to say no more than you might think. In fact, we have to say no to many people who apply to be students in our coding classes. Why? Because we have too many people interested in some of our coding bootcamps than we have the ability to teach.

In most cases of supply and demand, supply is increased in order to meet that demand, usually to increase profit. But with DaVinci, that’s not what we’re about. Why?

We’re Not Here To Make a Profit

Most of the reasons we are so selective starts here: we’re not-for-profit. DaVinci Coders is a 501 (c) (3), meaning that we’re not-for-profit and exist as an educational entity in order to give students the education they need to improve their lives. Which brings up this point...

We Don’t Want To Just Take Your Money

Many for-profit (private) colleges and technical schools will accept just about anyone; if they bring in more students, they simply hire more teachers. That’s not the way we work here at DaVinci Coders. Too many colleges will simply take a student’s money whether they show any aptitude for the course or not. With us being not-for-profit, we have no interest in having a student in a class just to have them fill a seat. So while you don’t have to have any previous experience in coding, you have to have a great interest in it and a solid work-ethic so that you can make it all the way through the course.

Of course, we have to charge tuition in order to keep the lights on and the doors open. Our teachers are paid, but no one is working here because they want to get rich. They work here because they want to teach.

We Keep Our Class Sizes Small

When you look at the stats of colleges, one thing that many of them like to brag about is student-to-teacher ratio. Having a lower ratio means that each teacher is able to give more attention to each student. Private colleges will brag that their student-to-teacher ratio averages 30/1, which they’ll tout as being better than the lecture halls of public colleges that might have a 100/1 student to teacher ratio.

Well, we’re happy to say that our student to teacher ratio has them both beat. Though we have to say “no” to some applicants, it helps us keep our class size down to 16 or fewer students per class. Your teacher will most certainly know your name and be able to answer all of the questions that come up.

Our Standards Are High

You might have heard that ITT Technical Institute, a national chain of business colleges, just went bankrupt and closed all 130 campuses (read our full article on it here). Over decades ITT built up their reputation as a good place to get a degree, but recently they let their standards slide so much that they lost their accreditation and simply decided to close up shop. Having a degree from them eventually meant very little.

At DaVinci Coders, our standards are high, and we want to make sure we’re training the right people so that our success rates can stay exemplary. For instance, we have a 96% graduation rate (compared with around 60% with a community college). 91% of our graduates are working as developers. We will always work to manage our stellar reputation, and that begins with having a stellar student body.

If you believe that you have what it takes to be a future graduate of DaVinci Coders, check out our courses here. Coding classes begin as soon as January 23, 2017, so don’t delay!



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