Women In Our Denver Ruby On Rails Training Classes

There are many unfortunate aspects of society that have slowed women from getting into tech fields over the centuries. Most of them stem from simple male chauvinism, and while women have made incredible strides as scientists and mathematicians, there have been other stumbling blocks put in their way. Today it seems that the main thing keeping women from learning to code is the entertainment industry, with TV shows and movies convincing them that the tech companies and coding schools are filled mostly with men. If that’s true, it’s only because it’s a loop of perception and self-fulfilling prophecy...a loop we’d like to cut.

At the DaVinci Institute, our coding school does our best to destroy the idea that coding should be a man’s world. We know that women have a lot to offer the tech industry, and excluding them only serves to slow progress down. Let’s take a quick look at a review from Grace that comes from the Top Rated Local review site.

"In this course I learned how to build a web application from the ground up, using pair programming among other methodologies. The whole class became my family. Thank you DaVinci! Thank you Jason!"

— Grace Y.

Thanks for the review, Grace. We’re glad you were able to learn so much during your coding bootcamp, but we’d like to focus on that part in the middle about how those around you felt like your family. It makes sense, because a family often includes the people you spend the evening hours with while you’re snacking, which sounds kind of like a coding class! We also keep our class size down to 16 or fewer students, which encourages more discussion and allows everyone to know every other person in class.

While a family tends to have things in common, they can also be diverse. We want as many different kinds of people as possible in our classes so that we can all take advantage of the different points of view and the diverse ways of looking at problems. More women simply equals more fruitful diversity. We’re very happy that you felt so comfortable and considered your classmates family, Grace.

Let’s take a look at a comment from another of our female students, Wendy.

“The Building the Toolbelt of a Junior Ruby on Rails Developer Course sorts out the most current, relevant topics used in the industry. Jason Noble (Senior Instructor) provides expert instruction on those topics and it's quite apparent that he's always looking for new ways to improve the educational process of the class.”

— Wendy B.   

Thank you for the kind words, Wendy. One of the biggest compliments we can get from a female student is when she can talk about the learning process, not classroom politics. If you can write a review that focuses on the learning that you receive, regardless of gender, then we hope you’ll agree that we’ve provided a friendly and productive atmosphere. We’re here to teach you regardless of gender, and we want to see all of our students grow and get the jobs they’re dreaming of.

We want to see more women in our coding classes, because every great mind is going to be needed to create the tech world of the future. If you’re a woman who is interested in learning to code but have been convinced you’ll be alone in coding classes, don’t worry. DaVinci Institute’s coding bootcamps are here for everyone! Check out our courses right here.

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