How to Get the Technology Job You Really Want

A few helpful tips on how to go after that technology dream job.

A few helpful tips on how to go after that technology dream job.

The field of technology is an exciting industry and full of life-long opportunities.  In a time when many other industries are static or even shrinking, it almost seems as if the field of information technology is just getting started.  For those looking for a satisfying and fulfilling career, that certainly is music to their ears.  As with any other fields though, there are many different types of working environments available and what is a good fit for one individual might not necessarily be a good fit for another.  In order for you to get the job you really want, it is advisable to do a little self-analysis work before you determine the right work environment for you.

Startup or Established Company?

Many individuals would like to find a startup that emerges as the next Google or perhaps the next Snapchat. There are distinct advantages to working for a startup company.  Getting in at the ground level of a company often allows one to learn about a lot of different technologies.  Generally, startups need people who can get their hands involved in a wide variety of different projects, thereby allowing their employees to sharpen and expand their development skills.  The downside to working for a startup is that the company may take off, but essentially end up going nowhere. For individuals who have personal concerns such as a family and are looking for more stability, a startup company might be somewhat risky.

Larger companies or even smaller, well-established companies still have plenty to offer those looking for a career in software development.  Larger establishments are still big players in developing new types of software and have a lot to offer individuals looking for a position where they can regularly learn new software tools and contribute to large projects.  The pace of a larger company might seem to run slower than a startup, but the size and scope of their projects generally outpace smaller startups.  For IT professionals who are looking for some stability out of family concerns, but who still want to learn and contribute to exciting and challenging projects, a well-established company might be the perfect fit.

Formal or Laid-Back Atmosphere?

Of course everyone has heard the stories about Mark Zuckerberg and his jeans, flip-flops and sweatshirts that seemed to make up his business attire and for some, this kind of casual environment is exactly what they are looking for.  On the other hand, other job-seekers want the type of position that requires a power suit and tie, or business suit and heels. 

There is no right or wrong working environment.  The right working environment is the one in which you are comfortable with and can see yourself working and excelling in.  If you need a casual environment, then Google, Facebook and other companies known for their different approach will probably be a good fit for you.  For others who want a more traditional atmosphere, banking, insurance companies and government positions might be exactly the kind of environment you are looking for.

Taking The Next Step

Now that you have better insight as to what type of organization you would like to work for, you can pursue those companies you would like to work for.  Allow your enthusiasm and great work ethic to shine through your emails, cover letter, resume, and any interaction with representatives from any of the companies you contact.  Tell them what you can do for them, highlighting all the special skills on your resume that you have — and they are looking for.  If you nab an interview, go into further depth about the technology tools you have worked with and what types of projects you have completed.  If you truly love what you do, your demeanor will show it in the interview and will go a long way to convincing a potential employer that you are a worthwhile investment.

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Jessica Morgan

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