Become Part of Colorado's IoT Revolution: Learning to Code For the 2020's

Tech media continues to analyze The Internet of Things, though it's perhaps still a mystifying subject for you if you haven't caught up. Otherwise known as IoT for short, this technology is already revolutionizing the way we look at the internet creating more efficiency in our lives. With 18.2 billion connected devices already available around the world, this is only going to double to 50 billion within the start of the next decade.

What makes this exciting for personal and business use is IoT enables automation so we can make things run more efficiently, enhance productivity, make better profits, and save more time for important things.

If you're a coder, it's time to become part of Colorado's IoT revolution, which is already underway and growing fast. You need a coding bootcamp.

DaVinci Coders is Colorado's #1 bootcamp for coders who want to learn to code and grow their ability to take on today's biggest technology challenges. At our camp, you'll be able to learn more about The Internet of Things and develop your coding skills for an exciting career.

Why Colorado Matters

Those of you who've never visited Colorado may not know the state has become a major hotbed for companies engaged in IoT development. On both the hardware and software side, this technology is in huge demand, and companies here need coders to make it work.

When you visit Denver alone, you'll find many companies incorporating IoT into everything from door locks to sprinkler systems. In fact, Colorado was so far ahead of the curve on IoT technology, they made it onto top tech city lists. The Mile High City fit in with such overseas cities as Berlin, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

So now that you know Colorado is a hotspot, what are the challenges ahead for IoT? Through DaVinci Coders training programs, you'll learn exactly what IoT needs for the future and how coders can solve many emerging issues.

Even if you're a newbie, you'll learn from professionals while gaining hands-on training in our classrooms. As an alternative to the traditional college system, you'll gain knowledge many top tech companies want in their employees.

Emerging Internet of Things Challenges

Security and privacy are some of the most pressing challenges IoT faces to become a mainstream technology. Things are already improving in this arena, yet coders need to learn how to create platforms assuring security through every step from loading to storing data.

Better encryption methods are critical, including finding ways to prevent private data from becoming compromised in the simplest devices or appliances.

The complexity in analyzing data is the next major challenge. Millions of sensors in devices around the world have to collect data and turn it into something actionable. Coders need to find faster ways to process this torrent of data and analyze it quickly so appliances in homes and businesses function optimally.

Then you have the problem of making IoT attractive enough for a mainstream buy-in. By the next decade, coders have to make IoT simple enough to use so businesses can easily set it up and use it without confusion.

Business Decisions and Revenue

To complement ease of use, coders need to focus on making IoT useful so it helps businesses make smart business decisions for every department. Since analytics are a major part of IoT, making this easy to access and read is essential.

The same goes for revenue generation. Once IoT proves it can make (and save) money for businesses, it's going to further hit its stride. 

What's the best way to learn to code in Denver? Look for a programming school that can get you in market as quickly as possible. That means a coding bootcamp from DaVinci Coders!

Jessica Morgan

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