Learning to Code Online can be a Perilous Adventure without the Right Guidance

Classroom coding bootcamps provide industry resources, developer practices, tools and curriculum

Classroom coding bootcamps provide industry resources, developer practices, tools and curriculum

Learning how to code online using Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be a very confusing process if you don't know what language and/or learning style fits you the best. It's even more perilous if you aren't using the right learning tools that will teach you the most pertinent content, methodology, and tools when you're trying to learn to code.

At DaVinci Coders we recommend to all of our code school applicants to take some initiative and use some free online coding resources to learn the first steps of coding before they interview with one of our program managers. Applicants can review our FAQ page and check out our list of free online coding courses to gain some basic knowledge of coding before they take one of our Colorado coding bootcamps.

If you have questions about online coding courses or you need advice in choosing which programming language best fits your goals, we pride ourselves on being a helpful resource in guiding you in the right direction.  Do you want to develop iPhone apps? Is Ruby on Rails training right for you? Feel free to contact us concerning any questions you have.  

We realize that without proper guidance, learning to code can be a challenging endeavor. Nothing is worse than finding out that most of what you've learned doesn't intersect with what the tech industry demands. We find this happens frequently with people who learn to code online. This is a big reason why our Colorado code school is so popular. We are able to prioritize our curriculum to teach the coding skills and languages Colorado tech companies are looking to hire.

The article below best describes the trials and tribulations you may run into if you try to learn to code on your own and without proper guidance.

Words of Wisdom from a Software Engineer: Learning Code Can Be a Nightmare

Article by Qz.com

"I was just a guy in a suit in an office with a vague startup idea. Then I decided to learn to code.

I overheard some guy at a happy hour bragging about how easily he was able to automate his office workflows by using a language called Ruby. I thought, “huh, Ruby.” I went home, googled it, and within 15 seconds, I was working through a random Ruby tutorial..."

Read the rest of the article here

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