What To Do Before You Apply With Us To Learn To Code

There’s a question on our application that’s very important to consider: “Why do you want to learn to code?”

The answer to why you want to learn to code has to go beyond “because I hear coders can make a lot of money.” You have to have the aptitude, passion and drive to learn to code.  Becoming a programer is similar to medicine, you don’t just stumble into being a doctor just for the money.

So if you’re interested in coding, it’s important to be a little prepared before your first day of our coding bootcamp.  The following is a list of steps you should take before your first day of coding class.

  1. Pick your language - We all have varied interests, and while all code follow certain rules, each language produces different functions. Maybe you want to learn JavaScript, maybe you want to learn Ruby On Rails. Once you investigate some of the basics (see the next entry) it will be pretty obvious what your focus should be.
  2. Know the basics - You should know the most basic of basics of your chosen coding language before your first day of code school.  It’s that much harder to catch up, if you don't know how to do simple things like typing well, or understand how to organize file systems. Our applicant testing quickly weeds out those who don't have basic computer skills. Also you should be proficient in some of the beginner level coding skills taught in the following resources.  Learning the skills in the listed free online coding tutorials is the best way to prepare for our beginner-level coding bootcamp and is essential upon accepting our students into a coding program.  Learning to code on your own shows drive an initiative, all signs that you have what it takes to learn to be a computer programmer.
    1. TryRuby.org
    2. CodeAcademy.com
    3. EloquentJavaScript.net - a free eBook you can download here
    4. Rails for Zombies
    5. KhanAcademy.org
  3. Have your machine - You don’t need the fastest, most fancy computer. But you can’t be lugging your desktop and monitor to work every day. We can give you specs on what you’ll need for you class, but you’ll need a laptop that is at least newer than 2010. Our Ruby on Rails and iOS bootcamps require Macbook Pros because that's what you'll be using in the industry. 

You can learn more about the application and learn to code preparation process on our FAQ page. If you have any questions about our courses please don't hesitate to give us a call at 303-666-4133 or contact us via our contact form


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