The 10 Highest Paying Programing Languages: Ten More Reasons To Learn To Code


Why would anyone want to learn to code? Well, other than being an excellent application of the unique way your brain works, the list below could certainly be a good incentive.

How does DaVinci Coders decide what to teach? Your instructors are masters in their field and know that the programming languages offer aren’t going away anytime soon. They’ve each seen the advantages of these languages and how in-demand they’re going to be in the future.

We teach three of the top ten paying programming languages, including number one: Ruby on Rails. We can help you learn JavaScript too, as well C# for game development and Apple's Swift for iOS development.

#1. Ruby on Rails - $109,460

#2. Objective C - $108,225

#3. Python - $100,717

#4. Java - $94,908

#5. C++ - $93,502

#6. JavaScript - $91,461

#7. C -90,134

#8. R- $90,055

#9. C# - $89,074

#10. Visual Basic - $85,962

NOTE: These salaries are based on a national average.

How will you pick which programming language to learn? That depends on you and which language comes more naturally. Ruby on Rails might pay the best, if you like building back-end web applications,  or perhaps JavaScript is more fitting for creative and web design interests. We’re sure you won’t mind making “only”  $90,000+ a year. It’s better to enjoy your job than to force yourself to code in the wrong programming language. The good news is, no matter what language you master, you’ll always have a great demand for your skill set.  The job market can't hire enough good programmers.

If you have the aptitude and passion to code and don’t mind making a large salary afterwards, sign up for one of our instructor led all-immersive 11-13 week coding classes today. It’s the fastest way to a great career in the technology and coding industry.  70% of our students get entry-level positions in the coding industry within an average of 6-months.


Numbers source: The Business Insider

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