Why Spend Years In College? You Can Learn To Code in 11-13 Weeks

College can be fun. In fact, it can be so fun that people are stuck there for years and end up graduating with thousands of dollars of debt. By the time they’ve graduated, much of what they learned in the first two-three years is out-of-date. The tech world moves fast and programming languages and development practices evolve faster than it takes to get a traditional college degree.

Enter the micro-college. These bootcamp-style colleges get you all the education you need to know from expert instructors who have worked in the industry. Micro-colleges have a start-up mentality and the students are notorious for working hard and getting things done in a way that the students can get to market before everyone else and fill a glaring need for programmers.

These are the top advantages to learn to code, coding bootcamps in Colorado:

They’re fast: You can hide out in college for two years...four years...six years...eight or more. Or you can take these concentrated full immersion courses lasting just a few months. Some bootcamp courses, like professional level learn to code phone apps and mobile development, can last as little as two weeks. 

You save money: The cost of a micro-college class might surprise you considering how much you get out of it for a relatively low cost in comparison to traditional colleges. Some micro-colleges and bootcamps like DaVinci coders are even more reasonable because they’re a non-profit.  Instead of gouging students who are struggling to make ends meat, they charge a reasonable tuition to only cover the operating costs of the school.

They’re inclusive: Whether you’re straight out of high school or retraining after years in a different field, you’ll feel comfortable in a micro-college learn to code bootcamp. It’s all about learning together as a team and pair programming. Learn to code bootcamps simulate a workplace team environment, so everyone’s contributions are necessary. If you’re accepted to one of our courses you instantly become a part of a vast network of professional programmers, mentors, instructors, and students just like you-working your butt off to learn a new programming language and evolving your skills to make a better life for you and your family.

You find a better job afterwards: Recent surveys have found that coding bootcamp alumni have increased their salary working in the tech industry as junior level programmers by 44% 3-6 months after graduating from a coding bootcamp. There is no faster way to re-skill your career and improve your earnings.

Generally, what type of college you attend largely depends on where you are in life, and what kind of experience and career you want to get out of your education. But when it comes to coding micro-colleges and bootcamps there’s no faster, more inexpensive way get yourself into the hot computer programming job market.

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