Web Development with Python

Web Development With Python and Django

Python is a highly in-demand programming language with a design philosophy emphasizing code readability, allowing for fewer lines of code not possible with other programming languages.


Beginner Course

Night Course
Monday - Wednesday - Friday 

Class Starts: April 17, 2017

Web Development with Python provides students an intensive 20-week introduction to the Python programming language, SQL databases, and the Django web development framework.

Designed for problem solvers without any programming experience, it covers both front and back end development, and the many industry tools junior developers use on a daily basis. Students in this course have a unique opportunity to discover how all the pieces fit together.

As part of the course, each student will build their own database driven web application that they deploy to a cloud-based server. They will learn to automate the many aspects of a development cycle so they can focus on solving problems and writing code.

In addition to writing code, students will learn to communicate their programming ideas. Students are expected to write about the problems they encounter during the course, and the discoveries they make in solving them. They will be encouraged to research topics that interest them, and present these discoveries to their fellow classmates.

Students will also code in pairs and groups, a practice that produces higher quality code and deeper understanding of programming design.

A general breakdown of the course:

  • Introduction to Python and Programming Fundamentals

  • SQL Databases and the Back End

  • Web Development and the Front End

  • Django and Application Frameworks

Students in this class should expect to spend 20-40 hours outside of class each week doing homework and practicing the skills taught during class. Each class is recorded for further review of the classroom content. This allows students to practice skills learned via repetition.

Why you should take this course

  • Python is easy to learn. The overall structure of Python is very clear and easier for new programmers to learn.

  • Python can be a stepping stone.  Because Python is an object-oriented language, just like Java, C++, Ruby, Javascript, and many more key languages, your Python programming skills can translate to other languages, helping to ease the learning curve.  

  • Python is a widely used, in-demand language.  Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Nokia, and IBM all use Python.  Because Python is so widely used, Python is frequently listed in the top in-demand programming jobs (sitepoint.com).

  • You will learn much more than just Python.  Our course is designed to not only teach you the Python programming language, but also the real world skills of professional programmers, such as:  SQL, Git, Github, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, and many more.


Alvin Mites | Senior Instructor

Alvin published his first web-site in 1998. In the time since he has worn a variety of hats including developer, manager, and executive, having co-founded multiple companies. When not hacking on a computer he is raising his two daughters, rock climbing and mountain biking, and a strong penchant for the outdoors.

In my class we are going to work hard, fast and focus on specific skills that you can carry forward in your life. It will likely change the way you see computers and the web as you peer behind the curtain.

Check out his GitHub page.  



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