Micro Degree Program

The MicroDegree is a 21st Century Digital Credential certifying that the holder has completed a minimum of 1,000 MicroCredits in a designated professional discipline. The MicroDegree offers the first and most effective credentialing process for coding boot camps, MOOC’s, and many other competency-based programs.

The MicroDegree is an open, institution-agnostic, credential, meaning that it can be earned by combining programs offered through many different institutions and the MicroDegree candidate has the freedom to stack and blend different types of educational processes using Incremental Credentialing.

Students who enroll into our MicroDegree accredited program must spend a total of 1,000-hours of instructor led training through our web development courses and complete each course (that's the equivalent of taking two of our web development courses), or spend 500-hours of instructor led training through one of our web development training courses, complete the course, and 500-hours of relevant on the job training - working in the web development industry. 

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