JavaScript is one of the easiest and most creative programming languages to learn. This course will teach you front-end programming, and how to build interactive website designs in a professional, team driven, programming environment.

Why You Should Learn JavaScript...

  • It's one of the most in-demand programming languages in the industry - Avg Annual Salary of a Senior JavaScript developer - $91,461 (

  • JavaScript is more intuitive and engaging because you're able to see the design process unfold as you code

  • The JavaScript framework translates well when learning other programming languages - learn JavaScript and you'll be able to learn other programming languages faster

  • JavaScript has reached critical mass and is a part of almost every web based technology

  • JavaScript pairs well with the Ruby on Rails framework (back end programming) - master Ruby on Rails and JavaScript to become a full-stack programmer

  • Our class simulates a workplace environment, this teaches you the necessary communication skills to work on a team of professional developers

The hands-on environment made a huge difference. I learned more about coding in 11-weeks at DaVinci than I did in an entire year at home.
— Hsin Tsao | Alumni

Beginner-Intermediate JavaScript Course | 12-weeks | Tuition: $6,000

night course • Mon, Wed, & Fri • 500 study hours

The course objective is to provide students with the introductory skills needed to build the front end (design side) of websites.  Students are not expected to have previous programming experience in JavaScript.  This class simulates a programming workplace environment and teaches the fundamentals of HTML and JavaScript to build attractive and intuitive websites using responsive web design. Lesson topics include Modern HTML5 Development, CSS Advanced, JQuery, Web Animation, Backbone, React, and more.  Each student will develop a working portfolio of the various class projects to use in job interviews. Students are expected to spend 30-40 hours outside of class time to study, complete assigned homework, and practice the skills taught in class.


“Great class! There are so many things I’ve learned. I’m ready to be a developer. If you are passionate about learning and do the work, you will be ready to become a junior web developer by the end of this course...”
— Jon Kohne | Alumni

[ I N S T R U C T O R ]

Bishop Zareh | Senior JavaScript Instructor

With twenty years of experience consulting companies on their digital identity, Bishop takes projects from concept to completion. He has received awards from SIGGRAPH, SXSW, AIGA, Awwwards and industry certifications from Adobe, Apple, Autodesk and Google. 

In 2010, Bishop spoke about the future of user interface design at technical conferences across the country. From 2005 to 2011, he taught motion design at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 



Check out his work:

DYK?: In 2013, Bishop organized a panel at South by Southwest Interactive on glitch art.

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