Founded in 2012, by the nonprofit, education based-futurist think tank, DaVinci Institute, DaVinci Coders is the first Micro College in Colorado and one of the first in the U.S. The school is the brainchild of Futurist Engineer, Author, and International Keynote Speaker, Thomas Frey.  He forecasted that the technical workforce of the future would need smaller, shorter classes that would teach the skills needed in the rapidly evolving world of technology.  Frey and the DaVinci Institute decided to build a better education system, geared toward meeting technologies' demands and re-training Colorado's workers in the most cutting edge technologies, quickly, and at a fraction of the cost. DaVinci Coders' mission is to quickly re-skill the workforce, without crippling students with debt.

WHAT is a Micro College?

the future of education, now

We estimate that it takes an average of 1,000 hours of study to learn how to code. A Micro College (widely known as "Bootcamp"), is  a vocational school that launches all-immersive courses geared to provide a curriculum for 500-1,000-hours of training on how to build skills for highly in-demand jobs, and gain entry-level jobs within that field, in short intervals, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional 2-4 year institutions.  Micro Colleges are the fastest way to re-skill and change your career path. 

WHAT is the DaVinci Institute?


Founded by engineer, futurist, author, and keynote speaker Thomas Frey, the DaVinci Institute has served the Boulder/Westminster/Denver area for 17-years as a community center and networking powerhouse for forward thinking, invention, entrepreneurship and the future of education. Our most known accomplishments entail...

  • Building the original proposal that helped bring the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to Denver, Colorado
  • Creating the annual DaVinci Institute Inventor Showcase
  • Hosting renown networking events Night with a Futurist and Start-up Junkie Underground
  • A countless number of professional bootcamps and workshops such as the Future of Money Summit in 2007
  • Founding of DaVinci Coders as the original school to launch the Micro College education model
  • Developing the ViZionarium- a business consulting firm

We Partner with Companies to Teach Professional Training

re-skill your employees in new languages

Retraining current employees is far less costly than hiring new ones.  In the programming world technologies evolve quickly, which is why we offer special professional training packages to help companies re-train their employees in the newest programming languages quickly.  The packages can be customized to fit class sizes, course length and necessary curriculum. Contact us for further information about professional training.

Do We Offer Any Type of Degree Accreditation?

We are a MicroDegree™ accredited bootcamp


Students who enroll into our MicroDegree accredited program must spend a total of 1,000-hours of instructor led training through our web development courses and complete each course (that's the equivalent of taking two of our web development courses), or spend 500-hours of instructor led training through one of our web development training courses, complete the course, and 500-hours of relevant on the job training - working in the web development industry.  PLEASE NOTE:  You can enroll into the MicroDegree™ program upon acceptance into any one of our programs. Students cannot complete the MicroDegree program without passing the course. Course audits do not apply as a second course.

What is a MicroDegree™ and What does it do for me?

A microdegree™ is digital credentialing

A MicroDegree recognizes that the holder has completed at least 1,000 MicroDegree credits in the stated professional field at a post secondary level.  MicroDegrees are an efficient route for candidates to quickly earn recognized credentials for the purpose of a career change or advancement and to demonstrate a proficiency at a certain skill.

MicroDegree Holders Receive:

  • A MicroDegree Digital Diploma (PDF)
  • A digital transcript documenting their educational programs and credits
  • A digital MicroDegree badge for use on LinkedIn and websites
  • Inclusion in the MicroDegree online verification database

Need a Place to Study?

Work at our coworking space - open 24/7

When DaVinci Institute decided to launch a coworking space for its community, the goal was to build a space that is social, energetic creative, productive, and functional, and combine it with a training center, conference room. The Westminster, Colorado coworking space functions as a vibrant business colony for intensely bright people including web designers, consultants, software engineers, web developers, marketing strategists, graphic designers, product designers, public relations specialists, inventors, entrepreneurs, and much more. As part of the DaVinci Coders Training Program, you automatically become a member of this vibrant, tech centric, Colorado coworking community and are invited to all our professional workshops and networking events.

Professional Networking

connect with a community of professionals

When you become part of the DaVinci Coders Training Program you become part of a community of innovative, creative and forward thinking individuals. You may attend any of DaVinci Institute's professional networking events at no charge. Find out what it’s like to be a part of a think tank environment and you might find your next great opportunity along the way.




Apply Early

Our Application Process

  1. Fill out our online application
  2. We contact you to set up a phone interview
  3. We schedule an in-person interview
  4. You take an aptitude, computer literacy, and general comprehension assessment

Prospective students may enroll at anytime. Late enrollments will be accepted only one day prior to the first day of class.

Coding isn't for everyone, some may not be able to hack it (pun intended), but our school does not discriminate based on race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, disability or sexual orientation.

Planning on Relocating?

We may be able to help you get settled

Not from Colorado? The Front Range area is a wonderful place to start your computer programming career. Colorado boasts some of the highest employment rates in the nation, with computer software being one of the states' primary workforce industries.  We often have students who come from out of state to take our courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do you have to be to enroll?

A: Due to regulations of Colorado Department of Higher Education (C.D.H.E.), all students must be 16-years or older.

Q: Do students qualify for FAFSA or pell grants?

A: No, DaVinci Coders is not recognized by the federal government as a public or private university or school.  However there are many other alternative financing options available.

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