DaVinci Coders Courses

Unlike most coding schools we provide our students with a selection of different course offerings, students are able to choose the path that best fits them.

Students are able to select from Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Game Development, and Python. Our course offerings not only provide students with highly in-demand skills, but a career they can be passionate about.

The Classroom Experience

DaVinci Coders Accomplishment-Based Coder Learning

There's a huge disconnect between learning to code in a classroom and the real world skills to apply it in real life.

At DaVinci Coders we've decided to bring real-world skills into our learning environment.

After an intense 12 to 13-week training period, students will transition to spend the next 8 weeks working on applying your coding skills in a real-world work environment.

This is not an easy process. Being a coder means you're a problem-solver, working on hard projects, solving hard problems, with hard deadlines.

Our goal is for every student to leave class with real work experience and a real portfolio of projects they've worked on.

Class size makes a difference

Your class won't be larger than 16 students. Small classes give us the flexibility to do the following...

  • Customize the curriculum to individual needs and skill level
  • Ask more questions - get more answers
  • Create a better student to instructor ratio
  • Build a more compatible student-mentor relationship
  • Be more hands-on in providing helpful employment resources to alumni

How Much Time?

Put in the time, get the results

For each course, you will be required to attend class 3 times a week.  In addition to this requirement, most of our students have found they spend 30-40 hours on additional class related work outside of the classroom.

Don't Miss Installfest

Getting your computer in coding shape!

Installfest is mandatory for all students and is held the weekend prior to the first day of class.  The instructor-guided session is a time for students to download and install all necessary software to hit the ground running on the first day of class.

What you need

Your supply list:

  • A working laptop meeting the minimum requirements for the course (each course has it's own requirments)
  • A true passion for learning
  • Old fashioned fortitude (the kind with sleeves rolled up) ready to to work

All courses are at the DaVinci Institute Campus

We know classroom learning is an important component of the education sphere, so we combine classroom time with online and independent study.  

DaVinci Coders is centrally between Boulder and Denver, right off the highway-36 corridor. We are located at 9191 N. Sheridan Blvd Suite 300, Westminster, Colorado, 80031.  On the third floor - Get directions here

Our classrooms are furnished with modern equipment, including a hi res projector to enhance classroom learning. Need a place to work and collaborate? Coworking space and all DaVinci Institute events are available free to student 24/7. Classes are recorded and provided to students for further review.

Students are expected to arrive on time with proper materials.  An overall attendance rate of at least 90% is required.  Instructors may request a student’s withdrawal from a course or program if absences or tardiness exceed 70% without prior approval in advance.

Cool Stats About Our Code School

DYK? DaVinci Coders, established in 2012, was the first coding bootcamp in Colorado and one of the first in the nation. Our acceptance rate of all applicants currently stands at 45%.

Comparison of Average Tuition Rates

Haven't Tried Coding Before?

No worries! There are several free online tutorials to help get you started!

One thing we look for in a good applicant is whether or not they've taken some initiative to learn a programming language beforehand. People who demonstrate drive and passion about learning the basics of a programming language tend to do a lot better in our full-immersion, instructor led, training courses. The following is a list of FREE online coding tutorials and resources that we encourage all of our students to try before they take one of our courses. This is a great exercise in finding the language that fits you best.  If you can rock these programming tutorials then DaVinci Coders is definitely your next step toward learning how to code:

Who is Learning to Code?

The demand for programmers in the tech industry is very high. Our courses will provide you the introduction and skills to start working in the technology field. Our typical student falls into one of these categories:  

  • Unemployed
  • Underemployed
  • People looking for an alternative to traditional colleges
  • Recently laid off and looking to retrain
  • Military Veterans entering the workforce
  • People looking to re-invent themselves
  • Recent college grads who can't find work
  • Entrepreneurs building tech start-ups
  • Employees updating and/or retraining their skills
  • And many others

A large portion of our students come from outside of Colorado, and from all over the world. From South Korea to Venezuela to Turkey, and all over the United States. 

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