The Fast Pace Growth of Coding Bootcamps in 2015

It's no surprise that coding bootcamps are revolutionizing higher education as we know it. A recent article by compares code schools to law school when it comes to their effectiveness in getting students a great job after graduation. But unlike law schools code schools take a lot less time to complete at a fraction of the cost. This effectiveness has lead to continual growth in the coding bootcamp industry. has completed a recent study that measures the growth of the learn to code bootcamp industry from 2014 to 2015. The data was taken from a poll of 94% of the coding bootcamps in the US and Canada.

The results of the study are featured in the infographic below:


Other key takeaways:

  • Average coding bootcamp tuition price $11,063
  • Projected growth of learn to code bootcamps 2.4x
  • Coding bootcamps have grown by 11% since 2014
  • Emerging coding language taught in Bootcamps: Javascript


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